Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CATIA V5 - Smooth out bumps on Solid Faces

This demo shows how to get rid of irregular surfaces that may show up on certain parts. the Sew surface tool is shown. The tool is great time saver as you don't need to redo the surfaces in question. No trimming or deleting is required of old faces.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

CATIA V5 - How to flatten a dumb sheetmetal part

Often, we receive files that are non-intelligent, with no history or any parametric dimensions and constraints. Sure, you can try to feature recognize or reverse engineer. However, those methods are laborious and tedious to say the least. One of the nice things about most sheetmetal designs is the constant thickness. This enables designers to import dumb (no history) 3D parts and turn them into usable sheetmetal parts that can be flattened. Not only that, but drawings can be generated from the 3D file. This way, the 2D representation can be dimensioned or sent to DXF for laser or waterjet cutting. In this demo, you can see how easy it is to take a part from any CAD software and convert it into a proper part.

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