Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CATIA V5 Start to Finish in less than 15 min

This is a tutorial of how to create a complete design from scratch in CATIA V5. It covers basic sketching, Part modeling, Assembly and 2D drafting. The video was a student request that had trouble piecing the whole "puzzle" together. The purpose of this video is to help such ones grasp the fundamental steps required in creating a proper product.


Phoenix said...

This is a very good tutorial. It helps me a lot to start on CATIA. Maybe if you can slow the tempo a little bit, moving the cursor more slowly during transition between activities - should be in sync with the voice - It would be perfect.
Would you do something similar with SolidWorks, Cleo Pro Engineer, Inventor, Mastercam .....

Thank You Very Much!

Unknown said...

thank you for the idea. I've been thinking about creating more videos of that nature.

I have been slowing down my videos lately to make it more understandable.