Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3D Printing - Objet Alaris 30

I recently had a chance to receive training on a 3D printer from a company called Objet. For the longest time I was fascinated by this technology. I understood the general concept. But, after learning more about what makes these machines tick, it made me even more curious to explore it to the full. Needless to say I can't stop printing! I was there for a whole week learning how to print and do basic service of the machine. It basically will accept any STL formated file from virtually any CAD system. What I'm envisioning is a 3D scanner setup. Along with that is a CAD program such as SolidWorks. You can scan your model. Clean it up in the CAD system. Then export it as an STL file to be printed on the machine.

It is a bit tricky to get it going. But, it gets easier as you go.

Below is a promo video that shows how it does the magic.

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