Thursday, November 1, 2012

CATIA V5 - NC - Extract Surface and Axis System

Sometimes you end up with a really large die or casting but you simply want to machine a certain part of it without having to load the entire model. This demo shows how to extract the needed surfaces. Also, it's useful to copy the die origin as that can act as your machining origin.


Unknown said...

Hi friend.
I am in a trouble, i have a project for reverse engineering.
Its a 3D scanned model. I want to take projects of its edges to make an IGES file and use that to create a model in solidworks.
Can you please comment how can i take the projects to for that 3D scanned model.

Thanks & regards

Bharat Brahmi

Unknown said...

Do you have a sample file I can look at? I can check if it's possible.